Sunday, July 21, 2013

UFO Files: Alien Abductions: The Evidence


The Evidence? Hardly. I wasn't a huge fan of this video because evidence was something it did not provide. It's just another video to take you think.

I had heard of Fire in the Sky and the Walton Case before watching this video as well, and I have to say that my mind is still very undecided as to how much of their story I believe.

The topic of sleep paralysis angers me because who is to say that abduction phenomena cannot involve sleep paralysis? Who is to say that they are not one in the same? Who is to say that you actually have to leave your bed in order to be abducted? Personally I believe there are different levels of abduction, just like there are different levels of encounters. Perhaps dreaming is a form of abduction. Perhaps there is a transference of information throughout your REM sleep.

Just something to think about!

P.S. I am not sure why they chose to zoom in on Stanton Friedman's face like that...