Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Maury Island Incident

GoogleJune 31, 1947 there was an allege UFO sighting that took the life of a dog and 2 B-25 pilots. The History Channel episode is broken up into 5 different videos on Youtube and you can watch them right here:

I checked out the UFO magazine website and I have to say that I was not impressed. Their site is full of broken links and just a plain piss poor lay out.

When watching this show episode I noticed they didn't at first even know who Kenneth Arnold was or his involvement in the Roswell incident. What a turn off!

The History channel has brought us some really great documentaries but I am not exactly feeling this "reality" show like feeling you get from this episode. It's just a bunch of guys digging in the dirt and under the water to find no real evidence to the existence of the craft. Not to mentioned the use of the word "slag" was so much it would drive anyone crazy!

I have to admit the story is very appealing. What is the connection between the UFO siting and the B-25 crash? If there was one these guys certainly are not qualified to find it. Yes they bring specialists onto the show to assist with the scientific analyzation of the samples collected but nothing was even found other than extreme heat.

Yes they found evidence of extreme heat during analysis but there was a fire on the plane but the fire could have reached temperatures of 4000 degrees. There is no telling what was aboard that plane when it took off. Who is to say that UFO debris would be magnetically charged in any way? They even admit to not finding a smoking gun.

All in all I think this is the biggest story UFO magazine has probably ever investigated and they had the help and funding of the History Channel. What do you think about this story?