Friday, July 12, 2013

ELYSIUM - Official Full Trailer - In Theaters 8/9

I came across this trailer today. I had no clue that this movie was even in production. Now when I think about science fiction this kind of thing is exactly what comes to mind! I have to say that I do not get really excited about many movies lately or in the past few years but this one looks like it will be an awesome film to add to my favorites! Check out the trailer below!

I think this movie is very 1984esque! I bet George Orwell himself couldn't have imagined some of the ideas that went into the making of this movie! Neill Blomkamp who brought you Disctrict 9 does it again! This time with the star of one of the most famous ET films Contact, Jodie Foster!

The trailer gets me pumped to go see it in theaters on it's release date, something I never do! What are you thoughts on this trailer?